Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Story of More

I was raised by a Culture
who's one promise
is MORE.
If you work hard,
you'll get MORE...
If you're beautiful
(smart, thin, nice, etc)
you'll get MORE...
If you're successful
you'll get MORE...
and yet,
it seems we are
ourselves to death.
As SOON as we have
the newest techno gadget,
there's MORE even BETTER
As soon as we HAVE the man
there are MORE that are BETTER...
and as soon as we break up with
the "inferior" man
we "feel lonely" without one.
As soon as we have a new pair of shoes
we want a dress...
and as soon as we hit our goal weight
we realize that our thighs are still too chubby...
our blood sugar's too high...
we cannot quite finish that marathon...
or we "need" plastic surgery.
The story of MORE
is really the
story of
MORE is a
four-letter word, after all.
For the new year
(and all the years to come)
I'm stopping the "hero's quest" for
and instead going to seek
what IS.
My, my...look how SUCCESSFUL I am...
how HAPPY I am...
how LOVED I am...
how FULL my life is...
how could I possibly fit
onto my plate?
life is GRAND.

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