Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Importance of Hair

It's amazing how critical
when one's body is
I found an adorable
blond shag,
saved my $$$
for months,
and build up this haircut
like a trip to
or the Vatican.
Arranged my first babysitters
to care for my one year old
and went off to
visit the Promised Land.
When I left Dante's Inferno
with orange hair
and a too-short cut,
for the first time
I felt
thoroughly FAT
(go figure).
Tried to make it work,
but you can't turn a turnip
into a rose.
Plunked down even more $$$
to get it fixed
by someone else...
now my hair is different
than the blond shag,
but I love it.
How svelte I feel!

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