Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I saw a GORGEOUS woman
this weekend in the mall...
Exotic face
Huge, heart-shaped ass
Long braided hair
Tiny little waist
Sultry mounded belly...
Every curve
and fold
and dimple
could be seen through her
Skin-tight leggings...
She strode
tall and proud in her
Platform heels
Bright, bold colors
Huge, chandelier earrings and
Scarlet lips...
and did I mention the
adoring man's hand
that clutched her rump
like a first prize trophy?
Any white woman
of the same dimensions
would have hidden her
bodacious beauty
for not conforming to
society's standards.
I applaud such
Black Women...
What style
what aplomb
what finesse...
to turn "fat" into

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