Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beautiful Motherhood

Wouldn't it be
if motherhood
were the new "beautiful"?
If pregnant women
(NOT those skinny celebrities who
stay thin throughout their pregnancy
because of a genetic anomaly
or personal trainer)
with their huge bellies
stretch marks
spider veins
puffy hands, neck, and ankles
were called "lovely"?
Or what if the mother of a newborn
with the flabby tummy
dark sleepless circles under her eyes
and huge, leaky breasts
was called "gorgeous"?
Or the older mothers
with their crows feet eyes
sagging neck and breasts
and lumpy hips and butt
were called "goddesses"?
Wouldn't it be
if women were considered
for fulfilling their
fertile genetic destiny?
Rather than chasing
the little boys
on birth control
with fake boobs?

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